Light Experience, not incense.

Participate in Pilgrimage, not Pageantry. 

Focus on authenticity, not ceremony. 

The Earth is our temple, Love is our faith.

The Temple of Place is a non-static place of worship. It is found within the natural landscape and is made manifest through the awareness of awakened individuals. We Connect, give tribute, honor, make connection and communicate with the sacred energy of Place.

The Temple of place was Founded by Priestess of Avalon, Mary Samantha  in 2002 in response to seeing a need within the spiritual community specifically, and society in general, for facilitating an authentic connection to the spirit of self, and the spirit of the land. Having experienced her own disappointment within other ” spiritual and Priestess” groups across many years and miles, and having experienced the negative shadow side of would be Gurus, and exclusionary cult-minded groups, she desired to create a true communitty of indivuals without dogmatic teachings, exclusionary treatises, and/or attachment to systems of beleifs. Rather, the Wheel of Place is a teaching tool, a compass that compliments and supports the sovereignty of all individuals within the group, in their own unique lives, perspectives, and spiritual truths.

Since then, She has established trainings unique to the topography, history and mythology of the lands known as California and Oregon, As well as being contracted to investigate and establish wheels in other states of America and in countries abroad such as The Netherlands. Her trainings have opened the door for individuals who wish to strengthen their relationship to the Earth in a sacred way through training and Practice of the Wheel of Place in which they live.

The wheel of Place is a non-static medicine Mandala and seasonal wheel that has been used since time immemorial to express and embody the energies of life, growth, maturity and Death. A microcosm of the greater reality, the Wheel of Place is a meditational tool used for spiritual development and strengthening. Knowledge of this wheel makes it possible for the individual to connect with the energy of place, its’ medicine and lessons of life present in the power of the landscape.


Group Pilgrimage, San Diego

Wheel of Place Guardians, and Priestesses and Priests of Place are found throughout the United States and Abroad and are available to serve their community through their authentic abilities and arts. Vocational Priestesses and Priests have, through their intimate connection with the land, established comunnion with their authentic self. This connection allows them to progresss in the path of “Knowing thyself” which was establsihed within the ancient temples of the world. To know the individual spark of the divine that one is, and to marriage it to the reality of life as a human being, in a physical world, is the transcendent work of  a lifetime. We actually, are the ones we have been waiting for and through this training, students are able to remeber the Priestesses and Priest they have always been.

Crone & Queen Sisters enjoying a Cuppa. Bodega Bay Priestess Retreat 2017


The training is open to people of all ethnicities, systems of belief, adult ages, sex, sexual oriententation, all spectrums of gender, and physical mobility. Unlike many trainings that have excluded varieties of human beings that do not fit within the established paradigms of this current age, The Temple of Place believes in, and celebrates, that it is our diversity that strengthens us! Each individual manifestation of spirit is divine and carries a unique medicine for the world to restore it to balance. Diversity of expression is a spectrum of light and it only makes sense that human beings shall manifest upon a spectrum of being. We embrace unconditonally, ourbrothers, sisters and every person in-between.

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A very different kind of Temple,

as unique as the individuals that are its pillars

 The Divine is in us, AS us!

Maria Sophia, Sacred Musician & Artist

Mary Rhiannon Blackfeather, Teacher, Ceremonialist, & initiatrix.

Priestess Nikki “SunCat” Joy,  gardening, healing herbs.

Mary Crystal, Crone, Stone healer & Artist

Priestess Heather Cassandra Blessing, LMFT, Transgender Specialist & Healer.

Priestess Persephone, The Temple’s visual historian, Specializes in Photography and ritual body adornment.


Priestess Amalya, Reverend, Dancer, teacher, performer, and Creatrix facilitator of the Escondido Goddess Studio, Ca.








Mary Demara, animal healer, activist & energetic healer.

Guardian of Place John Phi Business man, Creative Services Master, photographer, videographer, and Author of the book ONE!





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P.o.P  Retreat 2017 Bodega Bay, Ca



.Mary Samantha infuses her teachings with science, anthropology, history, and mythological story telling, nourishing the heart, mind, spirit and soul in engaging, meaningful study and practice. Class is spent IN the landscape, and NOT in a classroom. Learn through practice not theory, that is the path of spiritual devotion to the Earth and one’s place in it. Through this devotional practice and experience of the landscape, many have gone on to become fully initiated Priestesses and Priests of place, Serving the land and their community with their devotion and creativity.They bring the ancient art of the Priest and Priestess to the modern world with their gifts.

Mary Samantha, trained and initated as a Priestess of Avalon in England. She is a Teacher, Medium, Mother and musician and has been guest speaker at many venues dedicated to spiritual awareness and the Goddess. However,  After experiencing first hand the consumerism and coerced conformity that happens when Goddess and priestess communitties become rigid and dogmatic, focused on homegeny, rather than individuality as it’s strengths, She became determined to leave behind the practices of false sanctimony and attention seeking paegentry that was rife within the sisterhoods that no longer respected the very sovereignty of individuals they claimed to support.The Temple of Place is a very different kind of temple because of this experience. NO more false pretense, through integrity of self and inclusion of differences, respect for individual sanctity, the temple is manifest through the Temple of Place Priestesses and Priests of Place who are it’s very pillars.

In an era of conformity, being authentic is a revolutionary act. Be a Renegade, and do not fit in, defy authority, for we are the only authors of our lives. Say NO to organized religion draped in the veil of ‘mysteries”. Although some would dare to stake claims upon spiritual territories that have existed since time out of mind, Do not be deterred by false prophets.

Avalon is within us all!


The lineage of Avalon lives on throughout the world …

Millennial Priestesses of Avalon, Suthisa & Mary Samantha reunion in Rotterdaam, Netherlands 2017

Millennial Priestesses of Avalon Sandra Roman & Mary Samantha at the Bodega Bay Priestess retreat 2017




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