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The Temple of Place is a non-static place of worship. It is found within the natural landscape and is made manifest through the awareness of awakened individuals. We Connect, give tribute, honor, make connection and communicate with the sacred energy of Place.

The Earth is our temple.

Templeofplace.com was Founded by Priestess of Avalon, Mary Samantha  in 2002. Since then, She has established trainings unique to the topography, history and mythology of the lands known as California and Oregon. Her trainings have opened the door for individuals who wish to strengthen their relationship to the Earth in a sacred way through training and Practice of the “Wheel of Place” in which they live.

“The wheel of Place” is a medicine Mandala and seasonal wheel that has been used since time immemorial to express and embody the energies of life, growth, maturity and Death. A microcosm of the greater reality, the Wheel of Place is a meditational tool used for spiritual development and strengthening. Knowledge of this wheel makes it possible for the individual to connect with the energy of place, its’ medicine and lessons of life present in the power of the landscape.

Mary Samantha infuses her teachings with scientific fact, historical information and mythological story telling,nourishing the heart, mind, spirit and soul in engaging, meaningful study and practice.Every class is spent IN the landscape, and NOT in a classroom. Learn through practice not theory, that is the path of spiritual devotion to the Earth and one’s place in it. Through this devotional practice and experience of the landscape, many have gone on to become fully initiated Priestesses and Priests of place, Serving the land and their community with their devotion and creativity.They bring the ancient art of the Priest and Priestess to the modern world with their gifts.
_MG_9289Family @ Park_04Mary Samantha is an Author, Poet, mother and musician and has been guest speaker at many venues dedicated to spiritual awareness and the Goddess community including, The Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, The Escondido Goddess Studio, in North county San Diego, The center for Creative Living in San Jose and The Jackson Wellspring, Talent Oregon. She is a High Priestess to her community able to assist clients through the arts of divination and astrology , as well as as a ceremonialist and healer.Please see the Services menu for consultations for astrological past life readings, Tarot, rites of passage, weddings and memorial services.

7cafWheel of Place Guardians, and Graduate Priestesses and Priests of Place are found throughout the United States and Abroad and are available to serve their community through their authentic abilities and arts.

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In loving memory of Bennie Earl LeBeau, BlueThunder, Bavado, Rainbow Thunder and his path of service to Mother Earth and her children,to peace and love. You will not be forgotten. Your power, your medicine was keeping it real In an illusory world.Thank you, my brother, my companion of many loving lifetimes.858103_10151743781133572_610517005_o I know you are with the water protectors at the DAPL. I know now why you had to cross over. Thank you, Brother for your devoted service to the planet and all our relations <3 Prayers are with us all.


Mar. 16 – Ashland, OR

Come experience the local and greater

Medicine Wheel Ceremony and Teachings 6-10 pm – Jackson WellSprings, 2253 Rogue Valley Hwy 99 N, Ashland, OR 97520- 541-482-3776 The Earth Wisdom Foundation and The Temple of Place, join together in co-creative intention to enliven, cleanse, clear and bless the Local Wheel of Place and sacred sites


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Samantha will take you on a journey of transformation working with the meanings and powers of the Goddesses within Her Sacred Landscapes. This is a wonderful priestess training and I support and endorse all of Samantha’s work to bring Goddess alive again in Her world, for us. With Samantha you can connect deeply into the energies of Avalon, Blessed Isle of the Goddess, working with these energies in your own land, finding Her there in the ground beneath your feet, in all of Her nature. Do not miss this opportunity for self-transformation!

– Kathy Jones Founder of the Priestess of Avalon Training, Glastonbury UK,the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Isle of Avalon Foundation69ae


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