Real Vocational Priestesses and Priests ready to serve. 

Priestesses Mary Rhiannon, Mary Samantha, Amalya and Mary Crystal

Whether you are seeking a minister or Officiant for a momentous celebration such as a wedding or birth or if you are simply seeking private consultation with someone who is attuned to the world of spirit to help guide you through a big decision or inner questions. Priestesses and Priests of Place can help you!

Unlike the majority of money making T.V mediums, Professional Psychic advisors, fortune tellers, and new age 800 numbers, The Priestesses and Priests of the Temple of Place are not part-time psychics. They are real vocational holy men and women with unique gifts and talents. They have spent years in devotion to their craft and serving community and spirit. They are real people. Ancient Priestesses and priests in a modern world and this is their sacred service.  They are here for you.

In the ancient world, Priestesses served their communities and the Goddess & God through the temple. They offered their services as midwives, Healers, Ceremonialists, Storytellers, Dramatists,  Seers and Oracles to everyone in their communities, royalty and common man alike. The Priestesses and Priests of Place are here to serve you,in the here and NOW!


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