Past Life Astrology

Astrological overview Reading.

This is based on your solar astrology and planetary alignments. It gives you a general understanding of where you were in your last life, what you are here for in this life and where you will be heading after this life on your path of evolution. Includes a computer generated chart drawing and personal classical reading.


Celtic Moon Sign Reading.

This includes a chart drawing for you and a detailed reading on the position of your planets at the time of your birth. The chart is computer generated but the reading itself is done the old fashioned way by hand. I will sit and write it out for you making notes to particular areas of interest. This includes all your planets as well as fixed stars and asteroids.


– Soul Evolution & past Life Reading.

This is an IN DEPTH reading. It gives you full details as to your souls evolution in this life and beyond. It informs you of your karma and possible past life residual energy that may be affecting present day experience. This reading is both astrological and intuitive. I consult the Akashic record through spirit to become aware of the path that has been and what remains to be in regards to the client.  do this reading for all my second year students as well as I find it to be a powerful tool in their ” knowing themselves” to become better , clearer, more authentic Selves and Priestesses. Includes chart drawing, in depth reading, and intuitive manuscript from the Akashic record that is revealed to me on your behalf.


Readings are available through High Priestess Mary Samantha Magdal-Anna. Email her personally at

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