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 Power of Place Consultations for home and business 

Did you know that the places we call home and where we worship or make a living, are imbued with their own energies and powers of place? Do you know if you are aligned with those elements, energies and directions right now?

– Are you having trouble manifesting your creative ideas?

– Does it seem like wealth and abundance for your business is at a mere trickle?

-Are you finding difficulty in relationship energies of friends, family and lovers?

-Do you find yourself feeling disconnected, unfocused or energetically drained in your space?

frustrated-at-workYou could be unknowingly working against the natural flow of your space.

The Temple of Place offers a form of energy alignment for home and business that is aligned with the unique indigenous elements of a place. With over 16 years of experience in working with the unique,elemental signatures of locations throughout the world Priestess of Avalon and founder of the Temple of Place, Mary Samantha is offering private consultations for Business and home owners who want to align where their live and work with the natural harmony of the land where they live. It is called aligning with the powers of Place.

A signpost directing work life balanceThe benefit of this alignment is life altering! Much as with Feng Shui in the Eastern tradition, understanding the elemental areas of your space and how it aligns to areas of your life can help you to maximize the energies of the Wheel in your Personal connection to the land. Grounding yourself and your home or business into the energies of place can help clear blocks to abundance, wealth, happiness, emotional and mental well being. IF you feel you have tried and tried to manifest your bliss and yet keep coming up against some mysterious energy that seems to make manifesting your creative dreams difficult, You may be in need of an alignment for yourself, your home and or business with the powers of place.

timthumbConsultations will provide you with where you or your space are out of alignment and how to bring balance to your space. Should you desire or should it be found necessary, space clearings and blessings are can also be provided to harmonize and bring to peace the energies on your land and in your space. What a great thing to be able to have the assistance of the local energies and their beneficent spirit guardians in all our endeavors. Our ancestors understood this relationship to the land and respected it. Now we can honor it too, now, through aligning with the Powers of place. This is a tool that honors all spiritual paths and can benefit all belief systems.

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