The Nine Native Holy Women of the Shasta Ashland

Northwest -Otter Woman

Otter Woman- Otter Woman is the Guardian spirit of Joy and play FULL ness. She instructs us in awareness of where we put our attention and focus. Otter totem is the medicine of benevolence and goodness. The legend of Otter woman teaches humanity about the joy of flowing. Sometimes we flow with the river at other times against the river but either way, the journey undertaken without Joy is a wasted one. Otter woman is the mother of understanding, awareness, ease, life force and fulfillment. She can instruct us in the wisdom of letting go and the joy of letting flow.

North- Grandmother Mouse Woman

Grandmother mouse is always cleaning up after Coyote, the Tricksters, messes. Her sweet, humble, busy presence in the wake of chaos teaches us her medicine of enduring devotion to the continuance of life. She shares with us her wisdom of attention to detail, order, connection and community, keeping an orderly sense of home within and around us. She shows s how to go within and do so with grace, power and gentleness. She teaches the wisdom of not taking chaos personally because it will get sorted out. She shows us the way of strength in the midst of change preservation through times of scarcity, rootedness within our incarnation and that there is great power in the small.

North East – Volcano Woman

Volcano woman teaches us her message of the Power of Intention. She reminds us to be responsible for the power at the core of our beings. Volcano woman’s tears are her children. Her tears turn to frogs that sing to her, their mother and she weeps for the beauty of their song, her tears fall as rain. One day, two hunters threw stones at her frog children for sport, not for food just out of disrespect and selfish sport did they cause harm. Volcano Woman came to their village and demanded that the culprits be turned over to her. No one would take responsibility. In her rage, she exploded the whole mountain of Mazama, destroying the entire village at its base, guilty and the innocent. Today, Crater Lake is all that is left, even today. It is filled with her tears.  She is the Medicine keeper of intentions, responsibility, the power within, temperance and the knowledge of self.

East – Fire Woman

The Legend of Fire Woman teaches us about personal change and being careful for what one asks for. She is the creative fire of youth, beauty, passion and consequences of actions. Once an old woman who tended the fire of the rainbow bridge between Gods and Humans her great love for humanity coalesced in her gifting them with fire. The Creator so touched by her pure heart granted her immortality. She asked only that she not be old for all eternity and was thus granted great beauty and youth. Great chiefs fell in love with her and war broke out over who would have her. She was bereft wishing for peace. Finally Great Spirit had to step in and restore balance. Fire woman is Lady of the passionate heart, inspirer, Muse, and beloved of many. She is the yearning of the heart towards recognition and fulfillment She is the guardian of rites of passage, changes of life, vision quest, transformation, bravery, creation and destruction, she is the vision medicine keeper.


South East- Rainbow Medicine Woman a.k.a  Flower Woman/Butterfly Woman

She is known by many names but her essence is the same. She is the color vibrations from the light of creation made manifest. She is beauty. She teaches the way of balance, healing and relationship. She sends the message of Partnership and being in right relationship to all things. Relationship with our inner and outer world is her medicine. Her rainbow flower colors pass on to us the message of growth in our lives. Her Medicine grows all over foothills of Medicine Lake where even to this day Native tribes send their Healers and Medicine person in training to her sacred landscape to learn about right relationship to nature and the human spirit.


South- Sky Woman/ Bear Woman

“She put her head out of the hole and looked to the west. The Wind Spirit caught her hair and pulled her out of the mountain. She flew over the ice and snow and landed in the scrubby fir trees at the timberline, her long red hair flowing over the snow.  There Grizzly Bear found her. He carried the little girl home with him wondering who she was. Mother Grizzly Bear took care of her and brought her up with her cubs. The little girl and the cubs grew up together. When she became a young woman, she and the eldest son of Grizzly Bear were married. In the years that followed they had many children. The children didn’t look like their father or their mother. All the grizzly bears throughout the forest were proud of these new creatures. They were so pleased, they made a new lodge for the red-haired mother and her strange looking children. They called the Lodge – Little Mount Shasta.” –native Lore Index

Sky woman has numerous myths and legend about her and she is the only Native Holy Women who appears in both the Kalifia wheel and the Shasta Ashland wheel. Her Medicine is that of a bridge between the world of Spirit, the heavens, the light, Origin, and the manifest word, the elements, and the result of divine Union manifesting light into form. She is the primal ancestress Mother, Artha, the Bear mother whom is also present in Arthurian lore interestingly enough as the red haired mother of a race of high vibrational beings incarnate in human flesh to assist human progress.

 South West- Deer Woman

Deer woman beckons to us from the shade of the old growth forest with her big dark eyes. She appears and disappears in the play of shadows and light.  She comes to us to teach us about illusions, deceptions, a pure heart and the wisdom of integrity and truth. She is innocent and seductive at the same time. She challenges us to be authentic and true to ourselves. Legends of deer woman are found throughout the United States in Old forest areas. Men are warned that when they are hunting to beware the beautiful woman living alone in the forest who will beckon to them with fine food and seductive charms. They are cautioned to always look at the woman feet to see if she has deer hooves for feet. Once you see her for what she is, you are safe. Deer woman medicine teaches us to see through the illusions and see the truth behind the illusion. To resist her is bring good fortune to yourself and your tribe.

West- Salmon Woman

Salmon Woman gave mankind her children to feed them through times of starvation. She continued to do so until human kind become belligerent and spoiled, no longer appreciating her gifts and taking abundance for granted It was then that she determined that the Salmon would only run from the sea twice a year to the rivers, So that once again humanity would have to experience this limitation so as to learn respect and gratitude for the gifts given. She gives with abundance from her very being so that we may experience the flow of her bounty with gratitude. She teaches us to remain in flow and balance with all life, to give whole- heartedly but to do so with integrity to self and to set boundaries when balance needs to be restored to life. She is the medicine keeper of emotional health, wholeness, flow, cycles, rhythms, sovereignty and compassion.

Center of the Wheel – Mis Misa or Law within Earth

A powerful spirit, called Mis Misa, is said to live inside the mountain Shasta and has served to keep the universe in balance. Mis Misa’s  medicine is to keep the earth in balance with the Universe and the universe in balance to the earth. This makes Mount Shasta the most important mountain on Earth to many tribes. Mis Misa though a tiny little spirit , possesses an immense power. Without Mis Misa, the earth would wander from its perfect distance from the sun for life to be possible and plentiful. Though not technically a woman, more a Spirit, we connect this ancient nature spirit through the feminine seed sound of the name used to describe it. Mis Misa.

Mis Misa Medicine

All the bounty and beauty of the Shasta Ashland vibrational wheel is due to the power behind all creative growth on Earth, all Life, MIS MISA. TO approach Mis Misa, within Mount Shasta in the outer or Inner world, one must come with a pure heart and a true purpose. The elders say :

“To communicate with all the lights and darkness of the universe is to place your heart in direct line from the song of Mis Misa to Hataji, the heart of  the universe. While in this posture, the spirit of man/woman is in perfect balance and harmony. Few people are able to accomplish this mission The person must be born for making and maintaining the “ connection” between his/her nation an all that there is-and for no other purpose. This os one way nature has of ensuring the health of the while Earth. – Mis Misa, The Power within Akoo Yet That Protects The World. By Darryl Babe Wilson.

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