Training in your local Wheel of Place is offered for those who are remembering their authentic self and realizing that their connection to the land is a meaningful part of who they are and how they want to live.

Nature is a master teacher. The seasons reflect to us the cycle of our lives. Lessons of planting seeds for our lives, nurturing those seeds of intention, weeding out things that no longer support our highest good, learning to harvest from the fruits of our labors and alsoo to learn how to let go when the cycle has run its’ course. These are all empowering lessons offered to us through the landscape. We learn from our ancestors, the caretakers of this land also, through myths, legends and history. Wisdom is all around us and can offer us the compass to discover our ourselves.

We dedicate our lives to the ancient creed KNOW THYSELF, carved over the temple of Apollo in Delphi, this admonishment is the key of unity with the divine. To Know thyself is to be a clear channel for spirit and consciousness connecting within and around you to all that is present. The Wheel of Place training will provides the student with invaluable tools to become closer to the land, to spirit, to others and to themselves.

The Wheel of place training is unique in that, it can be experienced on three levels. Each level offers a different degree of interest and dedication to the Wheel of Place for your area. The training is offered in this format so that individuals can be in integrity with their own personal beliefs. This training is non-denominational and open to laymen and mystics alike. This training strives to remain non-dogmatic, to honor and respect all spiritual paths. Training does not require any forms of worship to attend. Yet it can be approached in a deeply spiritual manner, if the applicant is seeking such an experience.

Select the level of Experience you wish to train under, initially.

Informational: Recommended for the curious individual seeking to know more about where they live and how they can apply the natural seasons of the area, and it’s lessons, to their life.

  • NO requirements. You use the information provided for personal use and do as many or as little activities and pilgrimages as you see fit. This is the Informational level of training, which is secular.

Inspirational: Training as a Guardian of Place. This is recommended for the person who is seeking a sacred, rather than recreational relationship to the land in which they live. It is for those who wish to take on a caretaker role for the Earth and find spiritual connection without taking on a vocational role or responsibility as a Priestess of Priest.

  • Requirements to earn the designation as a Guardian of Place
  • Must complete at least 6 of 8 pilgrimages within the training year
  • Must keep a Guardian journal for the years training

Transformational: This is recommended for the individual that already knows within themselves, that they wish to live their life in the vocational role as a Priestess or Priest in service to the Earth, and her powers of Place. This level is for those already called at a soul level. 

  • Training at this level is a Prerequisite to the Priestess and Priest of Place second and third year training. To be eligible for second and third year spirals of training, requirements are as follows:
  • Complete the training with at least 7/8 pilgrimages completed within the training year.
  • Keep a Journal of Place for the training year.
  • Complete all course work, including homework, crafts, meditations, and rituals.
  • Makes personal vows of self-initiation into the second year of training to become a Priestess of Priest of Place, at the end of the first year training.

You will learn by following a wheel of the year, for your local area based on the present topography, use, history, geology, and the Native cosmological view.

You will through the practice of place, gain an inner compass to navigate the spiritual and terrestrial landscape and environment of yourself-the microcosm and the land- the macrocosm. Above, below, within and without as you relate to your most authentic self, your intimate sense of the directions and your connection to the world in which you live.

You will be guided in connecting to the divine as sacred with an emphasis on the sacred union of masculine and feminine energies as the balance of opposites, and bring Healing through unity and balance.

You will be encouraged to strengthen and develop your own personal connection to the divine by whichever name you feel drawn to embrace it personally.

You will get to know God as lover of the Goddess, consort, protector, champion and loving, powerful father. We will attune to the Goddess as the divine feminine energy of life that nurtures, bestows sovereignty, and brings forth life.

You will come face-to-face, mind-to-mind and heart to heart with the guardians of the land. You will gain knowledge of the local indigenous tribes, their cosmology and their struggles. For many,culturally and ecologically that struggle continues today. You will become aware of how you can assist and help in healing the land by being respectful to those who have been its Guardians and its first people. You will be guided by them through their myths, stories, and gifts of wisdom as how they related to the land.

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