Training in your local Wheel of Place is offered for those who are remembering their authentic self and realizing that their connection to the land is a meaningful part of who they are and how they want to live.

Heather Cassandra braves the waves with determination

Nature is a master teacher. The seasons reflect back to us the cycle of our lives. Lessons of planting seeds for our lives, nurturing those seeds of intention, weeding out things that no longer support our highest good, learning to harvest from the fruits of our labors and also to learn how to let go when the cycle has run its’ course. These are all empowering lessons offered to us through the landscape. We learn from our ancestors, the caretakers of this land also, through myths, legends, and history. Wisdom is all around us and can offer us the compass to discover ourselves.

We dedicate our lives to the ancient creed KNOW THYSELF, carved over the temple of Apollo in Delphi, this admonishment is the key to unity with the divine. To know thyself is to be a clear channel for spirit and consciousness connecting within and around you to all that is present. The Wheel of Place training will provide the student with invaluable tools to become closer to the land, to spirit, to others and to themselves.

ONLINE training is offered on 2 pathways Inspirational, and Transformational. Upon receipt of your application to train, a Priestess will schedule either an in-person or phone interview with you. The Temple only works in small groups and with selected students only. This is for the optimum benefit for students and the Priestesses.

Degrees of study: You choose one path to study for the year and it comes with the following responsibilities and degree of training. You can take this course for personal growth or with the intent to train as a Priest/ess of Place. Either Degree of study requires acceptance of your application to train and an interview online or by phone with the Priestess of Instruction. After this, you will receive notice or whether or not your application to train will be accepted at this time.

Inspirational path: 

This degree of study is for self-growth but has no obligations to pilgrimages, but does come with guidance and review of homework, activities, or assignments. You do what works for you and leave the rest. This degree includes contact through email and text plus four 90-minute phone consultations  ( 6 hours of private guidance for spiritual growth consultations $600 value)  with The Oracle of Place, Mary Samantha ( founder of the temple of Place/Medium/psychic-Empath), one per season over the one year course Feb/May/Aug/Nov).

The fee to Train: $1200

Transformational path:

This is the only degree offered for those interested in training as a Priestess or Priest it requires completing all homework, activities, and pilgrimages with the exception of one absence permitted. This degree of training includes email, text, communication plus 9 phone/video sessions with the oracle of Place, Mary Samantha and/or a qualified Priestess of Place for your location: introductory session plus 8 over the course of one year, per lesson. ( 60-75 minutes each) Graduates of the transformational degree will be granted the titles and certificates of “Guardian of Place,” for their area. This is the only online option that grants eligibility for consideration into the second of three years of training to become a Priestess or Priest of the Temple of Place.

The fee to Train $2400 

All payments are to be made through Google Pay.


In-person training

Training is with the founder of the Temple of Place, the Oracle of Place, Mary Samantha. Trainings with her are rare and specific to place. They are usually, only offered every three years and currently, only for the Shasta/Ashland Wheel of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Should you wish to arrange training in an area outside of this, special arrangements will be required.

Mary Samantha, Priestess of Avalon, Oracle of The Temple of Place.

Mary Samantha, Priestess of Avalon, Oracle of The Temple of Place.

Upon receipt of your application to train with her, she will schedule either an in-person or phone interview with you. She only works in small groups and with selected students only. This is for an optimum benefit for students and Priestess.

The fee of training  is $3000

This includes 8 Full day pilgrimages/teaching/gas & expenses. We can carpool together. Journey time is considered part of each pilgrimage as it is the intent to make the journey that begins it. The drives are often when we have some o the most wonderful epiphanies as well.

Classes will be an all-day event, all-weather conditions applicable, and will only be canceled in event of dangerous conditions or unavoidable incidents. Normal weather as in Snow, rain, wind, heat, are part of the training and classes will carry on in them so you will be expected to be in good health and willing to participate even in less than ideal temperatures or weather. Medicine of place can often come with challenges as pilgrimages come with them too. we honor this teaching.

Materials for the course including 8 seasonal packets of original material on the wisdom tradition plus online access to a digital classroom where we will keep in touch and discuss all coursework and progress.

Additional expenses to consider are that you are responsible for all your own meals, any entrance fees, lodging should we be required to stay overnight for any reason. We will have some activities that require crafting materials as well, you will need to provide, you will also be expected to keep written journal specific to the use of training only.

Further opportunities? Should you wish training further, upon receipt of certificate, you will be eligible for consideration as an initiate into the Priestess and Priest of Place Training, which covers a further two years of training. Both the in-person and online Transformational path novices are eligible for consideration. Inspirational pathways are not eligible. Guardianship status grants consideration only and does not guarantee admission into the Temple of Place.

Admission into the Temple of Place to train as a Priestess or Priest is through Temple discretion only. Persons are hand selected as those who are able and willing to fulfill this significant role of vocational service full time in their daily lives.

First year Spiral: for the novice: Training  as Guardian of the Wheel of Place

Second Year Spiral: for the Initiate: Training in Pilgrimage of Place

Third Year Spiral: for the Adept: Training in Power of Place Initiations

All three years are required for initiation into the Temple of Place,  as a Priestess or Priests of Place.


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