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Central Coast Wheel of Place Training
First year spiral 

The Central Coast Wheel of Place encompasses the geographical area known as San Luis Obispo County, from the city of San Luis Obispo in  the North as far south as the Channel Islands. The Wheel extends East to the Carizzo Plain and West to the dunes of the Pacific coast. This seasonal and geographical wheel is the basis for the Wheel of Place training and is the outer and inner compass utilized throughout each year of training. You will gain knowledge of the history, geography, sacred topography, seasonal relationship, myth, legend, holy places, sacred beings and present manifestations of the area and environment from the cardinal points at solstices and equinoxes to the cross quarter celebrations held at the corresponding locations on the wheel. Training  encompasses Eight classes held in 8 different locations upon the sacred wheel specific to this area, throughout one year of training. For those desiring to do so, an opportunity of initiation at the completion of the year is offered as a Guardian of Place. Corresponding relevance and wisdom teachings on the global importance and relevance of sacred wheels of Place create a harmonious and personal relationship to the land in which we live locally and how its unique energy connects us globally.


Direction: NORTH- WEST
Meeting: Montana De Oro, Sweet Springs, Los Osos, Baywood Park, Estuary Morro Bay

We gather near all Hallow’s Eve, at the time of the ancestors to celebrate all that has gone before us, the wisdom of life and death, regeneration, preservation, decay and beauty in the breakdown. 



DECEMBER – Circle 2: WINTER SOLSTICEBishop Peak from Cerro San Luis

Direction: NORTH
Meeting: Bishops Peak, San Luis Obispo

Direction of the Wind, the Chumash called the wind, “Saxkkit”  the movement of the air was believed to be “Cenhus Heisup” the breath of the world. We journey to one of the 9 sisters, The nine mountain peaks of San Luis Obispo to observe the winter solstice as the ancestors before us have done. We embrace the power of communication and transformation.



Direction: NORTH EAST
Meeting: Santa Margarita


We journey to discover the elements of air and fire. We tune in to the stirring of the seeds of intent within the Earth, Promise of what will be. We work with the presence of good intention,nurturing the good within ourselves and our community.


MARCH – Circle 4: VERNAL EQUINOXpr01_painted_rock_carrizo_plain

Direction: EAST
Meeting, Petroglyph Rock ,Carizzo Plain

We embrace the Energy of the East, pilgrimage, power of vision,  potential, youth and promise. We will learn the history of rites of passage, honoring this sacred place of those who were guardians of this land before us. We open our hearts and minds to bring hope. 


MAY – Circle 5: FERTILLITY SEASONchumash2

Direction: SOUTH EAST
Meeting: Santa Ynez Valley, Cachuma, Painted Cave, Santa Barbara


We celebrate the energy of the rites of spring.  We touch on the medicine of right relationship, life and continuation. We honor the knowledge of our relationship to the greater reality, the universe and our place within it. 


JUNE – Circle 6: SUMMER SOLSTICErainbowbridge

Direction: SOUTH
Meeting:  Channel Islands/ Point conception

At the height of the summer, we journey to the place of the Earth Goddess. The Chumash people call her “Hutash” we will learn about her gift of the rainbow bridge to the people. We learn from legend the importance of going forth into the world ,  moving forward with faith.



AUGUST – Circle 7: HARVEST SEASONnature-star-stars-the-milky-way-sea-coast-cities-124671

Direction: SOUTH WEST
Meeting: Vandenberg/ Lompoc

This day we will connect with the power of the earth meet with the sea. We learn about the special significance of this place in the greater picture. We will learn about the struggle of the native people to preserve this land as their sacred space ” The Western Gate” and its surrounding areas are used today by the United States Air Force as a base for space exploration. We will learn about the original road to the stars that was already here,  long before America was born. 



Direction: WEST
Meeting:Pismo Dunes

We spend this day in gratitude for the life giving place of origin, the waters of mother Earth.  We explore the tradition of the Hutash festival in honor of the life giving mother of the people. The west is the ancient place from whence the first people came, it s a place of magic, creation, mystery and messages.

Initiation Evening for Guardians of Place : @ sunset. Location: TBA

Those students who complete the first year spiral training: Wheel of Place, with only two absences or less, are offered rites of initiation as an Guardians of Place. For those who choose to take vows to serve as a Guardian of Place, will be responsible for working with the wheel of their area  deepening their devotion to where they live as advocates and friends to the landscape, establishing a sacred rather than recreational relationship to the land, in effort to restore and bring healing and balance to themselves, their community and the land in which they live.


upon completion you will receive a certificate of Guardianship for the Wheel of Place, in which you have trained.


Should you wish to take your training further, upon receipt of certificate, you will be eligible for entrance in to the Priestess and Priest of Place Training, which covers a further two years of training.

 Second Year Spiral-for the Initiate: Pilgrimage of Place Training

Third Year Spiral– for the Adept: Power of Place Initiation as Priestess & Priests of Place

*To become a fully realized Priestess or Priest of Place a full 3 years of training must be committed to and completed.


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