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LogoDon’t see a training for your area? Do not be discouraged.You can Request one! Just because a training is not currently available for your area does not mean one cannot be provided. Our Elder Temple Priestesses, have been instructed in the art and practice of recognizing a wheel of place as it exists in any given area. Through in depth research of the land, its’ particulars in geography,geology,history,biology,mythology and legend, combined with their unique sensitivity and intimate connection to the land, can create a Wheel of Place that is specific to your area that is inclusive and respectful to the native area.


What can the Wheel of Place do for Me? The Wheel will change your life.  The Wheels of Place are unique in that they are a creation of a seasonal and energetic wheel of the year that is inclusive and respectful to the indigenous understanding and guardianship of the land in each and every area. The Temple of Place has a responsibility to protect the Native way and not pillage ancient medicine ways, as “white Shaman”. we understand that those ways belong to ” the People” that were instructed in them by their creator, long ago. That is their medicine. Instead, we accept that for the world to be restored to balance and for the survival of all species, global  and galactic , We need to to come to harmony and understanding between our modern world mind and the ancient Indigenous wisdoms of the world.  Non native and mixed blood peoples who have been divorced from the spirituality of the land desperately need a medicine of their own to restore their souls, nourish their spirits and heal the way they live upon mother Earth. Currently, up till now we have had only religion and exotic spiritual paths to assist us, taken from lands far away and superimposed on this country. These cannot help us understand where we live and what the land under your feet means and how it can help you as you help it. The Wheel of place is this way, it is a modern medicine tool. A beautiful blending of European Seasonal Wheels living balance and respect with the indigenous understanding of the land we call North America. AS within, SO without, the saying goes. As we come to peace and heal the conflict within our own veins, our own bodies and souls, we heal the conflict of the past.


_MG_0501Mary Samantha, the creator of the Wheel of Place training was born of parents whose blood passed on to her the medicine, wisdom, blood memory, and karma of her people. A mix of Cherokee, Osage, Scottish and Irish, she knew that for her to heal the pain and distress of the conflict of


carrying both the blood of the conquered and the conqueror, that healing had to begin within her. She discovered that in her time spent in the training as a priestess in the west of England and Ireland, she found such a love for the land and all that her Celtic ancestors, spirits of the land,  there had to teach her. In returning to North America, She was given a vision of how to bring this empowering message and medicine to ALL people regardless of race, religion, creed, orientation, or color. We all walk the wheel of life from birth to death, breath the same air, walk under the same sun, gaze at the same stars and ultimately bleed and die, non of us are exempt. The wheel of place can be your compass for restoring balance and gaining deeper personal connection to your life and to your God, by whatever name you call the divine. It is time for healing to begin and all that has been separated to be brought back together in peace and understanding for the benefit of the Whole.



Every place you live is imbued with medicine to teach you, challenge you, bless you, and bring  you to wholeness. Are you currently aware of what the place you call home is trying to offer to you? The wheel of place gives you the insight to understand your yearly life upon the land in which you live. Knowledge is power , Power is Love and Love makes all things right. Aho, Amen, Shalom, SO mote it be, Namaste!


To request a wheel for your local area, anywhere within North America, Please fill out the form below. We look forward to Hearing from you and in helping to begin the healing!

Please let us know about you and your area. What has brought you to the temple and how can we assist you?
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