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San Diego Wheel of Place Training
First year spiral


The San Diego Wheel of Place encompasses the geographical areas of North country San Diego,  South to the Border with Mexico. The Wheel extends East to the Anza-Borrego Desert and West to the Pacific Ocean. This seasonal and geographical wheel is the basis for the Wheel of Place training and is our outer and inner compass utilized throughout each year of training. You will gain knowledge of the history, geography, sacred topography, seasonal relationship, myth, legend, holy places, sacred beings and present manifestations of the area and environment from the cardinal points at solstices and equinoxes to the cross quarter celebrations held at the corresponding locations on the wheel. Training  encompasses Eight classes held in 8 different locations upon the sacred wheel specific to this area, throughout one year of training, plus an opportunity of initiation at the completion of the year. Corresponding relevance and wisdom teachings on the global importance and relevance of sacred wheels of Place create a harmonious and personal relationship to the land in which we live locally and how its unique energy connects us globally.

NOVEMBER – Circle 1: ANCESTRAL SEASONsanmateo2-16-08-017

Direction: NORTH- WEST
Meeting: The Panhe, Trestles Beach. San Clemente. Ca

“Weave from the core of your being”-SPIDER WOMAN

This is the time of grandmother/crone, a place of water and air. We enter the sacred gateway of the ancestors and of the realm of passing over. This is an introduction to the presence of compassion, decay, and re-generation; we are embracing time and limitation as the doorway to ultimate freedom. We honor the ancestor.



Direction: NORTH
Meeting: Mt.Palomar, Valley Center, Ca.

“ Be at peace, for you are the dream of the divine” – STAR WOMAN

Time for the element of air the, realm of spirit. We open to the presence of peace, stillness and listening to the winds of spirit. The north is where we tap in to the wisdom of communication and the power of transformation.

FEBRUARY – Circle 3: QUICKENING SEASONWarner Hot Springs 2

Direction: NORTH EAST
Meeting: Warner Springs, Ca.

“Walk like a living prayer ”- WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN

We journey to discover the elements of air and fire. The tune in to the stirring of the seeds of intent within the Earth, Promise of what will be. We work with the presence of nurturance, patience, and awareness and the power of intention.


MARCH – Circle 4: VERNAL EQUINOXAnza Borego Petroglyphs_27

Direction: EAST
Meeting: Anza Borrego State Park, ca.

“Give who you are, for who you are is everything”


We embrace the Energy of the desert, the element of fire, power of inspiration, crafting, germination .The presence of potential, youth and promise. Primal, originative fire, the stellar fire within earth, impulse and active learning..

MAY – Circle 5: FERTILITY SEASONlake cuyamaca 2

Direction: SOUTH EAST
Meeting: Lake Cuyamaca, Ca

“Follow the arrow of your inner compass, it will not mislead you. ”-ARROW WOMAN

The time for the energy of the rite of spring. The elements od fire and Earth. We touch on the medicine of relationship, life and continuation. We connect with the primal power of self-will and creation on its journey to manifestation.


JUNE – Circle 6: SUMMER SOLSTICEbalboapark

Direction: SOUTH
Meeting: Balboa Park, San Diego, Ca

“Who you are is enough. ”-CORN WOMAN

At the height of the summer, we journey to the place of Origen.  The foundational energy of Earth is our teacher as we learn about history, foundations and the importance of conscious creation. We will be taking a walkthrough history and connecting with our greater family.

AUGUST – Circle 7: HARVEST SEASONla-jolla-cove

Direction: SOUTH WEST
Meeting: La Jolla Cove, Ca.

“Flow with me and surrender to your internal rhythm you will find ease in the flowing of your own nature”


This day we will connect with the power of the earth as it meets with the powers of the water. A place of plenty and sacredness. We learn from the Harvest of the tides of fruitfulness, the power of rhythm and natural cycles of abundance, decline, bareness and new growth.


SEPTEMBER – Circle 8: AUTUMNAL EQUINOXTorrey_Pines_State_Reserve

Direction: WEST
Meeting: Torrey Pines, Ca.

“You are here to learn that change is beauty in action.” CHANGING WOMAN

The power of Water and the sea, The source. The power of giving and taking, ebbing and flow.. We connect with the collective imagination, realm of myth, legend and dream. We open to the medicine of our inner depths, the origin of our life force.


Initiation Evening for Guardians of Place : @ sunset. Location: TBA

Those students who complete the first year spiral training: Wheel of Place, with only two absences or less, are offered rites of initiation as an Guardians of Place. For those who choose to take vows to serve as a Guardian of Place, will be responsible for working with the wheel of their area  deepening their devotion to where they live as advocates and friends to the landscape, establishing a sacred rather than recreational relationship to the land, in effort to restore and bring healing and balance to themselves, their community and the land in which they live.


upon completion you will receive a certificate of Guardianship for the Wheel of Place, in which you have trained.


Should you wish to take your training further, upon receipt of certificate, you will be eligible for entrance in to the Priestess and Priest of Place Training, which covers a further two years of training.

 Second Year Spiral-for the Initiate: Pilgrimage of Place Training

Third Year Spiral– for the Adept: Power of Place Initiation as Priestess or Priest of Place

*To become a fully realized Priestess or Priest of Place a full 3 years of training must be committed to and completed.


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