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First year spiral

The Bay Area Wheel of Place encompasses the geographical area from Walnut Creek, California in the north, to Gilroy/Watsonville area in the south. The Wheel extends East to Mount Hamilton and West to the Pacific Ocean. This seasonal and geographical wheel is the basis for the Wheel of Place training and is our outer and inner compass utilized throughout each year of training. You will gain knowledge of the history, geography, sacred topography, seasonal relationship, myth, legend, holy places, sacred beings and present manifestations of the area and environment from the cardinal points at solstices and equinoxes to the cross quarter celebrations held at the corresponding locations on the wheel. Training  encompasses Eight classes held in 8 different locations upon the sacred wheel specific to this area, throughout one year of training, plus an opportunity of initiation at the completion of the year. Corresponding relevance and wisdom teachings on the global importance and relevance of sacred wheels of Place create a harmonious and personal relationship to the land in which we live locally and how its unique energy connects us globally.


Direction: NORTHWEST
Meeting: Coyote Hills Marshlands. Fremont

The time of grandmother/crone. Energy of the mists. The realm of water and air. The sacred gateway of the ancestors and of the realm of passing over. We learn about compassionate death, decay, regeneration, embracing time and limitation as the doorway to ultimate freedom. 


DECEMBER – Circle 2: WINTER SOLSTICED3A07141-MountDiablo-12-25-08ScottHein1

Direction: NORTH
Meeting: Mount Diablo, Danville

In the stillness of winter we will embrace the presence of peace and stillness. Sacred to the native Miwok tribe as the origin of their creation, we will learn how to still our minds and receive messages from the winds and the voices of the ancestors.  This is the place from which life issues forth, the winter, and the stillness of death before regeneration and new life. 


Direction: NORTHEAST
Meeting: Bethany Reservoir. Livermore

 The stirring of the seeds of intent within the Earth, Promise of what will be, we learn about the power of our intentions and how mind in connection with our directed will quickens the seeds within us to grow to our fullness.

MARCH – Circle 4: VERNAL EQUINOXLickMoonrise_baldridge_c800

Direction: EAST
Meeting: Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton

At the Spring Equinox we connect to the cosmic fire of the heavens. We tap into the natural cycles of creativity within our own selves to craft our lives to reflect that which is divine within us. We will be exploring the nature of the heavens and the impulse of creation that made the universe and how that truth exists within each of us. A place of hope and renewal,we learn to direct our creative energy for the highest good.

MAY – Circle 5: FERTILITY SEASON1013055_10151682034128944_2083480698_n

Direction: SOUTHEAST
Meeting: Henry Coe State Park, Morgan Hill

The energy of the rite of spring, We will embrace the power of our sensual nature.The power of our senses with which we take in the world is studied and experimented with. We learn about trust, vulnerability, sensitivity and instinctual wisdom.We will discuss the healing of sexuality; we will learn how to begin to heal ourselves of past hurts and abuses so that we can be whole.  We heal so that we may enter in to right relationship with ourselves and our world completely. 

JUNE – Circle 6: SUMMER SOLSTICEU-pick-farm-blackberry-bush-2

Direction: SOUTH
Meeting: Gizditch Farm. Watsonville

At the height of the summer, we will journey to a working farm for the day. We immerse ourselves in the abundance and fruitful nature of the Goddess in the landscape. We will attune to the process of ripening and blossoming.  we will open our hearts to receive the blessings of the mother Goddess as we pick berries from the vine and walk among her orchards, picnicking under the summer sun and the loving nature of blessing. We will share upon the nature of work and fruitfulness, the blessing of  giving and receiving.



Direction: SOUTHWEST
Meeting: Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz

At this time of the year we celebrate the harvest of the Earth. LAnd and Sea are abundant with life giving offering and We will give thanks to the Earth mother for all that She gives us. We will also acknowledge that her time of decline will soon be at hand in preparation for the new cycle. 



Direction: WEST
Meeting: Big Basin Redwoods state park, Felton

In the shade of the forests on the edge of the earth where it meets the sea, we will embrace the power of the healing waters . The redwood forest holds the magic of the coastal fogs. A very special place of nurturance, shadows and light. We meet the ancient trees, Mother and Father of the forest, meditate at weeping rock and visit the semperviren water falls.

Initiation Evening for Guardians of Place : @ sunset. Location: TBA

Those students who complete the first year spiral training: Wheel of Place, with only two absences or less, are offered rites of initiation as an Guardians of Place. For those who choose to take vows to serve as a Guardian of Place, will be responsible for working with the wheel of their area  deepening their devotion to where they live as advocates and friends to the landscape, establishing a sacred rather than recreational relationship to the land, in effort to restore and bring healing and balance to themselves, their community and the land in which they live.


upon completion you will receive a certificate of Guardianship for the Wheel of Place, in which you have trained.


Should you wish to take your training further, upon receipt of certificate, you will be eligible for entrance in to the Priestess and Priest of Place Training, which covers a further two years of training.

 Second Year Spiral-for the Initiate: Pilgrimage of Place Training

Third Year Spiral– for the Adept: Power of Place Initiation as Priestess & Priests of Place

*To become a fully realized Priestess or Priest of Place a full 3 years of training must be committed to and completed.


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