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Shasta-Land Wheel of Place Training
First year spiral 

The Shasta-land Wheel of Place encompasses the geographical area known as the “ State of Jefferson” from Mount Shasta, California in the South to Grants Pass, Oregon area in the North. The Wheel extends East to Tule Lake and West to the Pacific Ocean. This seasonal and geographical wheel is the basis for the Wheel of Place training and is our outer and inner compass utilized throughout each year of training. You will gain knowledge of the history, geography, sacred topography, seasonal relationship, myth, legend, holy places, sacred beings and present manifestations of the area and environment from the cardinal points at solstices and equinoxes to the cross quarter celebrations held at the corresponding locations on the wheel. Training  encompasses Eight classes held in 8 different locations upon the sacred wheel specific to this area, throughout one year of training, plus an opportunity of initiation at the completion of the year. Corresponding relevance and wisdom teachings on the global importance and relevance of sacred wheels of Place create a harmonious and personal relationship to the land in which we live locally and how its unique energy connects us globally.

November – Circle 1: Ancestors Season_MG_5238

Direction: Northwest
Meeting: Rogue River

“There is nothing as important as a playful heart. The stream of life is joy! “-Otter Woman

We venture to the rivers edge to connect with the ancient wisdom of Otter woman. Sacred to the River people, Otter woman holds the energy of the divine mother as nurturer and teacher. She shows us the wisdom of playfulness and vigilance. We learn from her to move with grace and ease, to go with the flow and to be in gratitude for all that comes to us and to let go of that which does not serve our well being.

December – Circle 2: WINTER SOLSTICEtablerock050_colortiff

Direction: North
Meeting: Table Rocks

“Listen and be still in the midst of all you do”-Grandmother Mouse

In the cold, snowy stillness of winter we journey to the table rocks to honor the Earth in her repose. Grandmother Mouse will share with us her wisdom and stories of being a good caretaker,wise discrimination, preservation, conservation, and attention to the details. We learn to listen to the stillness within to find sanctuary, foundation and peace.

February – Circle 3: QUICKENING SEASONCrater-Lake-in-Winter---photo-by-Benita-Tsao2

Direction: North East
Meeting: Crater Lake/Mount Mazama

“Never underestimate the power at the core of your being”-Volcano Woman

In the depths of winter’s icy grasp, we make pilgrimage to the sacred site of Mount Mazama.  We learn from the legends of Volcano woman, about responsibility for ones actions, consequences, and the fire of self-will that lies hidden within the depths of our own nature. We will learn about the nature of intentions and our power as creators and destroyers.

March – Circle 4: VERNAL EQUINOXEast Direction - Lava Beds_03

Direction: East
Meeting: Tule Lake/Petroglyph Point/Lava tubes and Initiation caves

“Our gift to the world is the gift of ourselves.”-Fire Woman

At the Spring Equinox we connect to the power of elemental fire within the landscape and spiritual fire within ourselves. We learn from Fire woman the knowledge of shaping and crafting our lives. We are instructed in the rites of passage, fertility, Warrior-hood and skill-FULL-ness. We embrace the fires of creativity and the act of will. We challenge ourselves to find our own inner vision of ourselves and to find the courage to meet its challenges and  receive its blessings as we grow towards self mastery.

May – Circle 5: FERTILLITY SEASONSouthEast Direction - McCloud Falls_01

Direction: South East
Meeting: Mc Cloud Falls:

“ Medicine is all around us and within us, it comes through walking in right relationship to all things.”-Butterfly Medicine Woman

Time of fertility and relationship, We learn the teachings of Rainbow Woman who makes herself known through her manifestations of rainbows, butterflies and Flowers. Also known as Flower Maiden and Butterfly woman, she teaches us how to joyfully and gratefully sip the nectar, of creation, to accept the generous gifts of nature for healing and fecundity.She teaches the way of right relationship with all things for wholeness of being.

June – Circle 6: SUMMER SOLSTICESouth Direction - Mount Shasta_011

Direction: South
Meeting: Mount Shasta (Group camping option available for overnight stay Fri. & Sat.)

“Spirit is pure light, it is in the air, in the breath, in the caress of wind and song”-Sky Woman

Only at the height of the summer, does Mount Shasta removes her white veil so that we may ascend to her heights. Off limits throughout the majority of the year, we approach in gratitude, loving heart, appreciation and respect for this sacred pilgrimage to the place where communication with the heavens has taken place since time immemorial. Here, legends tells us that only those with Pure hearts and peaceful  intentions are allowed to ascend to seek communication with Great spirit, the ascended beings, the peoples of the lost and hidden lands, the elemental beings and the celestial, angelic beings. We spend our day in walking meditation on mount Shasta and her surrounding areas in reverence, opening to the power of Air and Light as we delve in to the Crystal glow of the mountain of light and learn from power of Mis Misa, the power of law at the center of the sacred mountain that holds the universe and the Earth together in divine union and from Sky Woman, the importance of remaining open to the breath of spirit and the light of the holy spirit of divine illumination. We embrace the marriage of heaven and Earth.

August – Circle 7: HARVEST SEASON_MG_0479

Direction: South West
Meeting: Redwoods State Park (Group camping option available for overnight stay Fri. & Sat.)

“See things for who and what they are and you will be blessed ”- Deer Woman

Deer woman beckons to us from the shade of the old growth forest with her big dark eyes. She appears and disappears in the play of shadows and light. She comes to us to teach us about illusions, deceptions, a pure heart and the wisdom of integrity and truth. She is innocent and seductive at the same time. She challenges us to be authentic and true to ourselves. First harvest comes to the River valleys as the salmon begin their run, the acorns ripen, the vegetation is full and the hunting season is at its peak. We approach this time with respect for nature and respect for the nature of our own intuition.

September – Circle 8: AUTUMNAL EQUINOX_MG_3614_LR

Direction: West
Meeting: Gold Beach/Brookings

“Give and do without fear. All endings are truly beginnings.” – Salmon Woman

This final circle of the First Spiral of training  is in the company of Salmon Woman. Most ancient mother who sacrificed her own children to feed the people, Her compassion is of epic proportion and her rule of responsibility admonishes us to take only what we need, to show respect, appreciation, gratitude and to live in harmony and balance less natures gifts be rescinded. We learn her story and swim with her on her journey of renewal. We gain from her the initiation of water, the courage to take risk, to do what must be done regardless of the result, to go against and with the flow as we feel prompted too, we delve into the depths of the ebb and flow of our own instinctive urgings.


Initiation Evening for Guardians of Place : @ sunset. Location: TBA


Those students who complete the first year spiral training: Wheel of Place, with only two absences or less, are offered rites of initiation as an Guardians of Place. For those who choose to take vows to serve as a Guardian of Place, will be responsible for working with the wheel of their area  deepening their devotion to where they live as advocates and friends to the landscape, establishing a sacred rather than recreational relationship to the land, in effort to restore and bring healing and balance to themselves, their community and the land in which they live.


upon completion you will receive a certificate of Guardianship for the Wheel of Place, in which you have trained.


Should you wish to take your training further, upon receipt of certificate, you will be eligible for entrance in to the Priestess and Priest of Place Training, which covers a further two years of training.



 Second Year Spiral-for the Initiate: Pilgrimage of Place Training


Third Year Spiral– for the Adept: Power of Place Initiation as Priestess or Priests of Place


*To become a fully realized Priestess or Priest of Place a full 3 years of training must be committed to and completed.


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